Bison Sunrise in the Lamar Valley: A Bison grazes near a pond as a brilliant sunrise lights up the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone.
Three A-Moose-Gos: Three young Bull Moose grazing in a field in Arapahoe National Wildlife Refuge.
Clash: Bighorn rams clashing horns during the rut. The brother of one of the combatants looks on and gives support. The sound is like two baseball bats slamming together. (Low-Res version shown due to file size limitations)
Buffalo Charge: A large adult buffalo charges across the dusty Yellowstone landscape. It was surreal to experience the power of this large buffalo as dust kicked up from it's hooves drumming the ground.
Shadow Mountain Moose: As first light breaks, a large bull moose grazes the willow bushes on the shore of Shadow Mountain Lake.
Bison Morning Yawn: Not much more to say here. A large Bison yawns after taking a drink from a mud puddle.
Winter Flight: A Northern Harrier flies over a stretch of short grass prairie as light snow falls.
Predatory Stare: A coyote on the hunt for voles in the snow, stops and stares through the camera.
Wakinyan: This amazing Bald Eagle flew directly overhead to take a perch in a tree directly overhead. Many cultures believe the Eagle carries prayers from man to the creator.
The Encounter: A Grizzly wanders through a field following his nose as he roots for food. Suddenly the bear looks up to see a huge Bison. The bear and the bison lock eyes. The Bison bellows and stomps, and the bear quickly scatters away from the Bison.
Walking the ridge: Nanny and kid walking the ridge-line as an afternoon storm moves in over Mt Evans.
Austere Alpha: This beautiful Bighorn Ram lounges amongst the alpine flowers near rock cut in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Bull Elk Silhouette: The silhouette of a bull elk as he rounds up his harem at sunrise at the peak of Trail Ridge Road.
Pronghorn Profile: This pronghorn grazes sagebrush and grass on the ridge of a hill in North Park.
Mountain Goat Noir: A mountain goat scratches for essential salts at the peak of Mt. Evans.
Soaring Through Snow: A Bald Eagle soars over the trees during a blizzard with his catch.
Owl at Sunset: A great horned owl looks into the setting sun during a break while hunting prairie dogs.
Intimidation: This beautiful bull elk strikes an intimidating pose as he herds his harem in the early autumn morning light.
Battle of the Bull Elks: Two bull elks caught battling during the fall rut. 
Basking: A bighorn ram basks in the sun amongst rocks at the peak of trail ridge road.

Leaping for Lunch: This Coyote bounds in the air to catch a tasty vole burrowing beneath the recent snowfall.

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