Teton Curtain Rain: On a summer afternoon a thunderstorm sweeps in over the Snake River Valley. As the dark heavy clouds overtake us a curtain of rain obscures the Grand Tetons.
White Veil: As the storm approaches, the fog rising up from the lake and the clouds and snow rolling over the mountains created a "White Veil" cloaking the mountains behind isolated Deer Island. 
North Park Winter Afterglow: The red, orange and purple hues that light the sky reflect off the snow during this North Park Colorado Sunset.
Shadow Mountain Lake Morning Fog: Rays of the first light of day reflect in Shadow Mountain Lake as the morning fog rolls across the surface.
Moonset Reflection: A cold breeze slipped over the jagged Teton Mountains. An other worldly stillness gripped the air. The moon reflects on the serene and tranquil Jackson Lake, as it sets over Grand Teton National Park.
Boiling River: As you look down steam rises from the Boiling River. In the distance an evening fog rolls up the Yellowstone River. Dusk moves in as the Gardiner River continues carving Gardiner Canyon.
A Shadow Mountain Morning: The lodge pole pines, still in shadow, reflect in the tranquil water. The sun rising over the mountains brings color to the green shoreline. Through the pines, a glimpse of a hunter as he sets his decoys on the other side of the point.
Misty Morning in Yellowstone: In the cold and crisp morning air the steam from the geysers and the fog from the lake creep through the trees. Soon the sun will rise and slowly burn off the mist revealing a bright green forest.
Rocky Mountain Dusk Panorama: A Panoramic image as dusk overtakes the Rocky Mountains. The last light of the sun blesses the winter scene as the moon follows over the horizon.
Jackson Lake Night Sky: The night sky over Jackson Lake with the Tetons on the horizon. As the moon sets behind the Tetons the numerous stars begin to light the night sky.
Tranquil Mountain Reflection: On a morning hike to an isolated bay I was greeted with this tranquil mountain reflection. I was struck by the symmetry and depth. I was overwhelmed by the scale of the great mountains as they arose from the mirror-like-lake.
Arapahoe Bay Sunset: A beautiful sunset over Arapahoe Bay. (Low-res version due to file size limitations)
White Rim: View of the White Rim trail from the Island in the Sky overlook. The Green River has cut this canyon over countless years providing this beautiful vista.
Shadow Mountain Stillness: A still morning on Shadow Mountain Lake as fog and clouds fill the air.
Persistence: The twisted Utah Juniper endures by drawing water from stone as the Green River erodes all obstacles in its journey South.
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